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Back in June, Tony received his "Statement of Professional Standing" from the Chartered Insurance Institute. It will soon be a regulatory requirement that every financial adviser in the country has to be awarded one otherwise they will not be able to advise clients. If anyone you know has an adviser that hasn't yet achieved this, they may want to question their adviser's commitment to offering a professional service going forward and we would be delighted to hear from them.
Tony spotted the following extracts from a NAPF report into pensions:

"Thousands of people every day lose 500m to 1bn because they accept annuities that pay far less than they could secure by shopping around, i.e. not cashing in their annuity with their pension provider".

An industry source also commented that "there is no point in encouraging people to save if we do not help them to get the most out of their savings".

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After a few years of intensive study & exam passes, my Diploma in Financial Planning came through the post this morning (well ahead of the 2012 deadline). Time to crack open the champagne I think!

Tony Young, Principal Cowan Young Financial Planning 21/07/2011

"Following the successful acquisition of Underwood Financial Consulting in 2008, we have just concluded our second acquisition of an advisory business - Paul Johnston IFS. Paul, like Kevin before him, is a long standing friend and both former Sesame members. Due to the economic situation and progressively expansive compliance requirements Paul likewise decided to cease advising and we offered to continue serving his clients as we had done with Kevin's. We therefore take this opportunity to welcome Paul's clients and hope that we can build the same sort of trusted relationship that was so much a feature of Paul's business".

Tony Young, Principal Cowan Young Financial Planning 01/06/2011