Taxes & Estate Planning

Inheritance Tax Planning

Regardless of your situation, everyone has one thing in common: the tax man. Taxes are paid at many different levels. We pay taxes on our income and even when you spend money, the tax man takes a slice. After years of investing in a pension, you cash in for your retirement and there is the tax man once again. And finally, when it is time to hand the fruits of your labour over to the next generation, there is the tax man one last time, taking yet another slice.

Making the most of opportunities

Fortunately, there is a better way. With proper planning, you can take advantage of many allowances designed to reduce taxes at almost every regime. This means that the tax man gets less and you get to keep more. Discussing your options with one of our advisers could help you enjoy more of your money now and enable you to leave more of it behind when you are gone.

What’s more, with proper wealth preservation planning, which can take many guises, we have access to advanced trust solutions, which typically deliver the two key benefits of protecting estates against unnecessary taxation as well as the all too frequently ignored impacts of lifestyle or social impacts. There are also business trusts that can help address the specialist needs of business owners, which is a frequently under used area of planning and additional trusts to house additional properties and buy-to-let assets.

We are dedicated to helping our clients make money through the combination of sensible tax planning and sound investment. We would also like to help you. Therefore, if you can spare just 10 minutes for an initial conversation, please give us a call us on the number above or drop us a line using the form here.

The FCA do not regulate some forms of Inheritance tax planning.